Pick up massachusetts

Don't Pick On The Little Guy

Towns across the state are proposing bans on small liquor bottles (nips). This will do nothing to solve the problem of littering, but it will severely hurt small businesses in Massachusetts during these tough economic times.

Help us push back against these bans and join one of our cleanup events in your area. Together, we can Pick Up Massachusetts.

Bans are Not the Answer

Small Bottle Bans Won't Solve the Litter Problem

Let’s come together to develop real solutions to make our streets cleaner, instead of focusing on one-off bans that could damage our economy.

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)6 organization of small businesses and retailers from across the state that is dedicated to solving the problem of litter without causing economic damage.

Local businesses have it tough enough already

Small bottle bans could hurt revenue by as much as 15% or more. This is the absolute worst time to inflict losses on the local business community.

A ban in one town will just create opportunity in another

Bans will just drive consumers across town and state borders to buy small bottles from another store - shifting profits away from our communities.

A one-off ban doesn't solve our litter problem

On the road alongside those small bottles you’ll also see lottery tickets, cigarette butts, coffee cups, and food wrappers.


Find a Cleanup Event Near You

We are rolling up our sleeves and organizing pick-up events across the state to solve the problem of litter. Bans won’t help, but you can.